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The Disciplines Manifestation Techniques of Law of Attraction

Manifestation Techniques of Law of Attraction Disciplines

Now you're gonna go deep, I want to tell you that we're going to walk you through these nine management disciplines in depth and show you how to really bring them to life in your business so you get real measurable growth real top-line growth that's consistent as a system in your business.

But everything is couch still within creating breakthroughs with your people a system is only as strong as its leader as I've already said the chokehold on the progress in any company is always either the psychology or the skills of the leader.

And I want to just point out before we begin if you want to create a brain breakthrough, breakthroughs that moment in time or what was impossible suddenly becomes possible and people do it they actually follow through they don't just think about it.

I work with business people around the world I've seen that there are three areas that breakthroughs happen you can create huge change by getting a new strategy in other words you find a better system a better way you put that strategy in place sometimes you can compress decades in the days, you can do and weeks or months or a year what you might have to take multiple years.

The right strategy can really cut through all the waste and that's really what technology is all about that's part of what this book is about.But sometimes people have the strategy they know what to do they know the breakthrough they know what can make this all happen, but they don't do anything with it and they don't do it with they don't follow through its.

Like the typical example most Americans today are overweight the majority three out of every four men and a third of our population more than a third thirty-eight percent are obese today that means the 30 pounds overweight or more.

Why is it because the strategies of how to be fit strong or healthy are so complex or they're so expensive only the one percent can afford them or their hidden and you just have to work your guts out the years to find them the strategies are everywhere on that I mean there's somebody around the corner.

How to increase brain capacity guide

They'll come work you out or there's a club god forbid you were to walk to it you could drive to within five or ten miles for most people I'm you can download all the answers on to your iPad or your iPhone god forbid you actually do any walking get those answers again.the answers the strategies are everywhere the problem is we don't use strategy if we don't deal with our limiting stories. 

How I mentioned earlier stories if you listen to some of the first part of this book report for this book a story is just a set of beliefs that we tell ourselves over and over again till it connects into a story you know somebody once said if you tell like big enough loud enough and long enough sooner or later people believe you i was Hitler.

How to change mindset and behavior

Law of Attraction
Well we're hit their own minds very often and sometimes the salespeople you're managing Hitler themselves they might start to hear stories about the product of your company or a competitor has some advantage or something about the economy and there may be some truth to the story but if not the whole story and they make it the whole story they grab a hold of it is the reason why theyare doing what they should be doing or why the results are as high as they need them to be.

There's always look row afraid of failing it's in the nature of human beings so we look for a reason that's not our fault, something we can point to outside of ourselves and sales leaders sales managers do this as well as you well know it's part of human nature.

So becoming aware of your own limited story you can help someone else changed their story about the company if you're buying it to yourself and sometimes when things are overwhelming when economy takes a hit when all the sudden competition comes out with a product sometimes we generalize everything we give them the advantage and everywhere we forget the advantages we have personally so as the leader besides coming up with strategies that work .

You and I have to figure out what's the story that we can own it ourselves and we can deliver to our teams and you can almost always hear it or see it or perceive it in your team when it's happening what do you do to break that story what do you do to shift them that's what every leader has to look at and by the way if you shift that story you're not going to do it unless you shift the third element the third element the simplest one but it's the most powerful one moment to moment and that is your state.

As a leader before you go into any of this stuff your state your level of certainty your level of passion your level of excitement your level of energy rather of ownership of what you're going to talk to somebody about is the most power of thing that's going to affect them.

Listen we all know in human communication words or seven percent that's all the researcher said with the words using certain words can ignite people.don't get me wrong but words are small this part what affects us more as voice qualities tonality tempo volume all of these things shipped us even more.

Studies show about thirty-eight percent, but your body your body is fifty-five percent your gestures your facial expressions and i mean manipulating me some fake way, i'm talking about when you get into a peak state you get into a rant you get into something you're excited about.

set and develop mindset

I don't have some script right here to talk with you, I'm in state with you I'm thinking about how to serve you right now and I know there's certain things. I've talked about the important i'm gonna come deliver them.

If I was saying here now . number one is this and what number do is this and here's the third thing you're going to turn this thing off the moment you can read that damn stuff in the book what we're looking from each other as an exchange.

Listen what makes somebody you know like Marc Benioff be able to do what he does, you know to be able to take this company from nothing to 4 billion and you know 13 years. this meeting has had a story he believed in the story what's possible with a cloud.

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He immersed himself he did the preparation so we had not only a strategy but he prepared his mind and body for what does he really believe can make a difference and then you've got on fire with that passion and went around the country telling that story again and again and again and he continues do it growing his company geometrically.

It different style but certainly Steve Jobs the same thing, who's better at telling a story or was i should say than Steve Jobs, I'm pretty extraordinary he could sell ice to Eskimos he come out saying we have what we believe the greatest breakthrough in history of the world.

That exact language but you know it's a miracle, you know any people would buy it because he owned he believed it inside of himself and he brought estate to the table.I mean who do you want to be around somebody comes in and says “right guys, let's let's go through the update tell me what your numbers are”.

Personal Values Assessment

That person i'm exaggerating only slightly unfortunate from some things I've seen a large corporation that person I don't care what system you put in place, I don't care what nine disciplines, who care what strategies you go in their story and state is the chokehold on the growth of that business.

So our job if you and I are going to really make make maximize, what we're here to do is to make sure we have all three of these the right strategies the best we can find a story that we own that's real and authentic but that we owned it in side of us and we can translate to other people but also the state to make that happen.

So how do you do that well everyone is different, but the first thing we'll get you in state is being fully prepared if you can so prepared senior bones then you're not going to think about what i say, how do i say how am i coming across..you're gonna own it preparation is always number one.

But number two you gotta get in-state, and so different people doing different ways some people read, some people listen to music.I i love being something physical that's my nature, but i found that if you want to change somebody stay, emotion comes from ocean.

Maybe it's time to go on a run especially if you're finding yourself in a place where you're overwhelmed by challenges in the environment or overwhelmed by just how much you got to get done and that frustrated or overwhelmed or stress state you're not going to be your best. 

Everybody communicates well when they're in a great state when you're a lousy state no one communicates.well that's why people get into trouble and arguments and family challenges and intimate family challenges with their loved ones.

If you're going to change that game you got to recognize it, I'm not ready mentally with my information if I'm not feeling right on this time to do something physical to change my state so going for a run lifting weights going for a strong walk put some great music on whatever it is that ignites you into a different place.

boost your memory for better life style

And I'm not saying be like me i'm not having any suggestion that's right, I'm a noxiously intense and passionate but you got to be your best and you know whether you're there or not, and the way you're going to get yourself there is really score yourself.

Where my, 10 is absolutely ready to rock and roll make this thing happen, you know one is near dead.you know if you're walking into that meeting and even if you're prepared mentally but you're not in state at least an 8 or 9 or above you're certainly not going to get close to maximization.

Better to get yourself at level 20 on a 2 0 to 10 scale, that's obnoxious and calm it down where you can reach people then trying to pump yourself up in the middle of the meeting.you're not the leader if you're doing that and do this with your people listen for their stories.

what just what are they saying about things and when you find the story that makes sense asking more questions don't make them run, get in deeper and my purpose here in this couple of minutes is not to try and teach you how to do all three these but you already know this, i'm just saying bring to your attention is good tool for you to have strategies.. 

Do I own the story of my own state, now am I giving the strategies to my team but they have the overall story. that's going to truly empower them that's real and authentic and doing of them and stick.you know if you look at someone like Steve Jobs he certainly knew where the audience was in your to adapt.
He knew how to put people in state and used imagery and music and a script and everything else to tell that story but from a state where he was owning it was truly deeply excited people could feel it infectious if you look at anyone is great in that area of your friend.

Paul Tudor Jones on the top ten financial traders in the history of the world and if you go to the jones group i mean if the politicians group you're gonna find yourself in a place where every morning they ignite the Airways.first thing in the morning with cranking music these are traders, traders that's supposedly or cerebral on their computers to ignite them into a peak.

Paul seen the power that is not all my programs and so often put on videos that inspire and he raised 57 million dollars which is the number one group that supports charities in New York City he's giving away 1.2 billion.But I watching just recently worked on advanced he prepared he laid out his talk but then he made sure in front of all these top some of them cynical some of them inspired financial people some of the best in the world.
Paul seen the power that is not all my programs and so often put on videos that inspire and he raised 57 million dollars which is the number one group that supports charities in New York City
Millionaires and multimillionaires is gonna go out to this group of five thousand people how they can ignite them to give and to get beyond themselves.He didn't just give his talk he owned it, he felt it and he put on Braveheart.

He brought this music, what would you give how years from now to know you made this difference he was playful he owned it use the music to put them in state there's so many tools all I want you to get this talk is don't sell for less than you can be do or give, don't sell from your people start with you strategy story state, go after their strategy story state, if there's one that's most valuable to create change quickly change the state.

Because if you don't you ever noticed how when you're in an angry State with somebody or mad of them,  suddenly you can remember everything on earth they've ever done that's pissed you off or can remember a time when you fell head over heels in love or at least in lust and suddenly what's wrong with your life.

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