Manifestation Miracle System Success Story

This guy get easy money and have easier life with a simple method

This is my personal miracle story about how I began to use the Law of Attraction.And I was successful from the start.It was an amazing experience and I am so happy to share this with you! Why? Because it proves that it works! 

If I can do it, so can you! So the reason why I write this blog, is to inspire and motivate you.Maybe it helps you to dive deeper into the Universal laws of manifesting your life. 

Actually you already manifest on a subconscious level.You and I manifest every single second.By the way we thing, talk, feel, express.By what we dream about.It works on all levels.By becoming more aware of this and using the Law of Attraction, miracles can happen! 

The Law of Attraction - Were You in Shock?

Many people watched "the Secret".I did too and I think it was an awesome way to introduce people to the fact that you really can manifest about everything into your life if you know how to apply a few simple Universal Laws.For most people the Secret was their introduction to the Law of Attraction.For other people, me included, it wasn't new, but still very interesting.

It made me very happy that millions of people were introduced to the Law of Attraction.Because many people don't know about it.For many ages it was something that was kept a secret.And I never understood why.Because if all people apply the Universal laws day in, day out, the world would be such a greater place to live in!

I realize that the message "the Secret" shared, must have been a shock for many. Especially for total newbies.If you always thought that life is a random game, and all of the sudden you learn that you can create your life, that is a shock!
A lot of people learned about manifesting in a way they never heard about before.Maybe you were one of them! For others "The Secret" wasn't a total shock.
Deep down inside a lot of people already "know" that the Universe can be helpful as the Source for our needs.

The Start of My Manifesting Journey after Reading One Book

manifestation miracle system testimonial and success story
Me watching the football match
I started learning about the Law of Attraction many years before the movie the Secret was introduced to the masses.It was through a book of Heather Matthew to be exact.I will never forget it.I bought her bestseller book, "Manifestation Miracle", and learned about the power of thoughts and how to apply them into manifesting your reality. 

I was a complete newbie, but very open to spirituality.When I was 15 or so, I already read some spiritual books from great teachers like Tarthang Tulku, a Tibetan monk who shared so much great wisdom.He played an important role into my life.

A few years later I bought Heather book.And once i started, I couldn't stop reading.I absolutely loved it! I still recommend people reading "Manifestation miracle", because it is a lovely and simple way to learn about how to change your life for the better. 

How the Law of Attraction Manifested a Money Miracle for me!

Law of Attraction Manifested a Money MiracleAt that time i was a nurse student, always out of money of course.Most students don't have much.And I needed 500 euro to pay for a bill (Actually the Euro wasn't there yet.It was 1000 guilder, but to make it easier for you I converted it into euros).

That was a huge amount of money and I didn't have it. So I followed Louise Hays instructions and wrote an affirmation for it.I repeated it in my head as often as I could.I wrote it down many times a day.And I believed in it. I visualized a positive outcome as well.

It was an experience.Not just doing the Positive Thinking thing, because that by itself doesn't work at all! Now believe it or not, but after a few weeks of affirming and visualizing I opened my mailbox.There was an envelope in it with my name written on it.
No address.Someone must have dropped it into my mailbox in person.I thought it was a postcard or so.Lovely! I opened it and guess what: inside the envelope was a 500 euro bill! (1000 guilder bill, but I converted it remember!)
No note, no letter, no card, no name on the backside, no nothing.Only a 500 euro bill.I almost fainted! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't. My affirmations and hard work were rewarded.I was so very grateful. Can you imagine that! It was a miracle, because nobody knew about the fact I needed so much money to pay for a bill.I never told anybody!

If i can manifest so can you

I never forgot this magic experience! I still have no clue who was my secret Money Angel that day.It is still a mystery.A happy one.This anonymous gift proved to me that affirmations do work.

There is such a thing as the Law of Attraction.My very own first attempt was very successful! It was a huge motivation to continue to become a better manifester.I practiced it a lot.And still do.Because you never stop learning!

Never forget you always need to keep on moving

Manifesting is like working out in the gym! Once you have the body you love, you need to continue exercising to keep yourself in shape.It never stops! If you stop practicing and learning new things, the manifesting what you want stops with you.